Malissa Long

I love to create odd thing and challenge my brain with fiber and thread. A men's tie halter dress, a jacket made of bottle caps, and appliques from reclaimed silk theads are just a few examples of whats come out of my head. Just when everyone thinks they've got my style pegged, something new comes along. I constantly skip out of work to run next door to the Salvation Army to see what I can find, for my next project. Not one shred of thread or fiber goes in the garbage it can all be reused in some way. I'm currently fascinated by decaying wood, men's dress shirts, and dust bunnies.....what will come from that you'll just have to see. I've been given nation recognition for my sketching, sewing skills and pattern manipulation. I come out of my shell if it's sewing or fashion related other wise I'm a wall flower!

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Sewing Guild Creativity Contest
Burda Sketch Competition
Hoffman Challenge
Member of...
Fiber Artist of San Antonio
Austin chapter of the American Sewing Guild

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