By Studio - 3

STUDIO 3 is Alaina Chambers, Beatrice Thomas and Carissa Leos. Three girls who love making stuff, and laughing at the top of their lungs. We are a young and growing female run and owned screen printing company specializing in home textiles, art objects of a textile nature and small runs of t-shirts.

Once upon a time, in the tiny Texas oasis of Austin, post design school, we all met in a basic sewing class. It was love at first stitch. We hit it off immediately stitching and bitching over dirty vodka martini's, margaritas's and beer. After many bar chats, tubing trips and late night dance-offs, we came to realize that we had something else in common, we each had an epic passion for design and making. After cracking our piggy banks and buying some equipment Studio 3 was born. We were hilariously ignorant along the way. Too stupid, to not take on, way too advanced jobs. But we've come along way baby. We like problem solving, we like each other, we have a great time and we never stop laughing. And that my friends is a recipe for success!

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