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Eco-Artware's description. is an online gift store featuring gifts from recycled, reused and natural materials for all occasions and budgets.

1 - A Piglet Sweater Critter -- a soft toy made from recycled sweaters. Value: $ 26 I included it to inspire others to do likewise and for any kids who actively participate or parents who can use it.

2- A Map Stationery Sampler consisting of 25 8-1/2" x 11" sheets of paper and 85 envelopes in assorted sizes made from out of date government maps. ($20)

3- A Rock Album Cover Tote Bag with both style and room to spare. Its velcro-enclosed clear vinyl sides hold two different authentic record jackets. When you want a new look, exchange them for covers in your collection. Two amplifier knobs (that still turn) decorate the sides and the two-inch wide shoulder strap is adjustable. ($65)

4-A pair of cuff links made from vintage typewriter keys mounted in steel findings. ($38)

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